The history of OMA has got ancient origins, when in Quarto Inferiore (BO) was among the first, if not the first , to make dusters for agriculture, so as to become and be recognized by all as the first leader in this field.

Later, in 1994 was taken over by Mr. Luigi Blasi so that He would share it in a project that later became a reality: PROGROUP.

With the development of the project PROGROUP,OMA has undergone a transformation from a small manufacturer of certain products, He created a wide range of products for agriculture, including the same dusters, refined and updated to the new demands of market, trailed and mounted sprayers, boom sprayers groups , hydraulic elevators, the spreaders and many other products that represent the OMA full line

Thanks to the recognized know-how and to the confidence of its customers, over time, OMA has achieved an international reputation and its products, today, can meet the needs of all farmers.

The dynamism,the experience and the expertise of valuable employees who work in great harmony, lead every day OMA to a new and important goals and toward the realization of all projects that the Mr. Luigi Blasi just pursues for some time and that represent the company philosophy.

The long and recognized experience in the field allows OMA to offer to its customers a full line of products more and more technologically advanced and available to farmers, now increasingly sophisticated and demanding more than ever.

The sales network is represented by a dense network of agents, dealers and importers,and for long time the market recognizes them experience and professionalism in order to guarantee a high service sales and help and to consecrate the OMA quality brand products both nationally and internationally

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